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About the Book :

Part I is an incisive overview of the evolution of Christian dogma and Scriptures, leading to the conclusion that the Bible is not the “word of God;” religion is not spirituality; and, the Christian dogma is not the doctrine of Jesus Christ.

It is also a harsh criticism of the theocratic bent of Fundamentalists, with flawed precepts, meddling into politics, and sapping the democratic and secular principles of the US government. It is bad for religion, and bad for politics.

Part II is “in search of Truth” extracting from major Scriptures the metaphysical pillars of an active spiritual life, as suggested by Joel S. Goldsmith (1892 - 1964), American spiritual teacher, mystic and healer, who authored over thirty books.

Part III attempts to enunciate principles by which individuals committed to the mystical teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and of other major spiritual teachers, should logically support and promote, both in their private life and as citizens. That should engender a government and policies reflecting values that could also be supported by non-believers endowed with humanistic values.

The print version of The Great Spiritual Robbery was self-published in early 2007. The book includes over 400 pages. Six years later it is offered as a trilogy of e-books. It presented an opportunity for minor changes to edit and update the original, thus “version 2.0.”
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Book is currently available only in Ebook format. Once all Parts have been published we will offer a option for a printed version of the book.